There's always hope in God

In my work I have the chance to read and browse different Christian books. Lately, one lady, almost my age, introduced to us her autobiography where she tells about a life marked by devastating experiences, with a lot of abuse, and of how she became a victim of occultism. You know how when you read a book you feel like you are emotionally involved in the story and you make your own thoughts.

I was particularly struck by how her parents did not protect her at all but were involved in the abuse. In such circumstances, it is common to think that it is better not to have parents at all. My first thought was that there was no hope for Anny (the name of the lady). However, the book tells how meeting Jesus gave her not only hope, but also healing and meaning to her life. That’s why with God there is always hope. With God it is never the end!

When Jesus was on earth He met the most desperate people (not only the desperate housewives J). For example, let’s consider the many lepers he met, touched and healed. In that time, lepers were ostracized and completely isolated from the society because they were contagious and considered cursed by God. A very terrible destiny! Yet, it is written that “Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man” (Luke 5:13). Jesus did not ostracize but accepted, did not isolate but gave hope to the people.

Teenagers are particularly exposed to the moral decline of our society, especially because they are in the shaping stage of their personality. Often in the youth ministry we find youngsters who have never had mature and balanced parents (though we are aware of the big challenges parents face to raise children these days) or they grew up in difficult circumstances for many reasons. There are evident consequences on their character and the social and spiritual spheres of their lives. Nevertheless, we should never think they are hopeless, since nothing is impossible to God.