Nothing better

I was recently struck by the words of a song written by a Christian artist. It’s the kind of song that you find yourself humming while you do dishes or other housework; the kind with a simple yet profound message: the words say, “nothing is better than your love”.

If we think about the significance of these words, especially regarding the youth context of today, we begin to understand how their message is completely opposite to the world’s normal way of thinking and living. Today, in fact, the media teaches us that we should always be entertained in some way, either by television (often a distortion of reality), or by our tablets or phones that offers us a million applications to keep us ‘entertained’. If we are honest, we all fall into this type of thinking, since we all like to be entertained. After all, no one wants to be bored, especially teenagers.

However, perhaps this constant search for entertainment isn’t simply a fight against being bored. In fact, if we think about it, boredom could be perceived as an emptiness, as a dissatisfaction we aren’t sure how to manage. So, to not feel the emptiness that we feel inside, we play our games, watch our favorite TV shows, watch all kinds of videos, anything to distract ourselves from our emptiness and dissatisfaction. Despite our best efforts, though, when our lives are finished, and our programs and videos are over, we find ourselves yet again having to deal with our boredom, our dissatisfaction, and our emptiness.

Many choose to believe that the things we use to keep ourselves entertained, even though they are temporary, and therefore cause us to be ever-searching for more entertainment, can truly fill our emptiness. Many believe that these things are enough. But there is only one thing in this world that can truly satisfy: “nothing is better than your love”. Indeed, only God’s real and constant love can satisfy our hearts at the deepest level. Nothing is better, nothing can satisfy, nothing can fill our lives like God’s love can. If we find ourselves bored, empty, or dissatisfied, we have where we can go: before the God who gave everything, His one and only Son, to show us His deep love.

If we dare to let go of our need to fill every emptiness we feel with simple entertainments, we could begin to understand that it is right there in the place of our boredom that we can hear God’s loving voice calling us to go ever-deeper with Him. It’s there, in the admitting our dissatisfaction that God helps us understand that there is “nothing better than His love”; nothing can truly satisfy like His love.