We are used to working with teenagers in crisis, helping those in need, being the rock in the storm of others and so forth ...

But what happens when the youthworker is in a crisis? What happens when we are those in need? When we feel in a tumbling washing machine and lose all of our stability? When the only balance we can find is the one on our chair?

Because let’s be honest, it also happens to us, although we think we are doctors who never get sick, well, I have some news: we do get sick, and we have all the right to get sick. Yes, you, youthworker, have all the right to be in crisis, you can afford it. No, it's not selfishness, yes, you have time to feel bad, or at least you have the right and the duty to find it.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that as you continue to fill the cups of others so that they overwhelm, your cup is actually drained? How do we fill it again? This is the question, because only a overflowing cup can fill other cups.

I have been thinking about this passage in the psalms lately, Psalm 23: 5 "You bore my head with oil, my cup overflows." Perhaps the least-studied part of the famous psalm 23, the part I cherish the most. He chose us (unction = choice, set aside), it is not our choice but His. And that choice allows our cup to overflow, He fills our cup, with friends, support, His Word ... there is no "If you do so then you will overflow." It's a fact: He chose you. Your cup overflows. A simple affirmation: It  overflows. No condition, no compromise, only factual data. He chooses to restore your soul for the sake of His name. He wants our well-being for the sake of His name. Our cups overflow.